Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
Tusky https://""/exports/rss/tusky/ RSS
Tusky/Tusky https://""/exports/rss/tusky/tusky/ RSS
Tusky/Tusky description https://""/exports/rss/tusky/tusky-app/ RSS
Tusky/Tusky Glossary https://""/exports/rss/tusky/glossary/ RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
Tusky/Tusky https://""/api/components/tusky/tusky/statistics/ View
Tusky/Tusky description https://""/api/components/tusky/tusky-app/statistics/ View
Tusky/Tusky Glossary https://""/api/components/tusky/glossary/statistics/ View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token JveirDCiAoJZvipL8kRNXFJ6wxIWpUjaIKZoNfYK" \
Project URL Link
Tusky https://""/api/projects/tusky/repository/ Hook
Tusky/Tusky https://""/api/components/tusky/tusky/repository/ Hook
Tusky/Tusky description https://""/api/components/tusky/tusky-app/repository/ Hook
Tusky/Tusky Glossary https://""/api/components/tusky/glossary/repository/ Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token JveirDCiAoJZvipL8kRNXFJ6wxIWpUjaIKZoNfYK" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub https://""/hooks/github/ The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab https://""/hooks/gitlab/ The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket https://""/hooks/bitbucket/ The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure https://""/hooks/pagure/ The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos https://""/hooks/azure/ The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea https://""/hooks/gitea/ The documentation has detailed instructions